• Control PC apps from smartphone

    MATRIC turns your smartphone or tablet into an application remote control for PC. Forget keyboard shortcuts and make your smartphone an extension of your favorite PC app or game.

  • Unleash your creativity

    Unleash your creativity with powerful yet incredibly easy to use MATRIC editor. Build and share button deck for your favorite app in minutes.

  • Stream deck

    MATRIC natively supports OBS Studio
    Build your very own stream deck to fit your needs EXACTLY, from simple scene switching to full blown studio mode mix console

  • Advanced features

    It's not just about emulating keyboard with shortcuts and macros, MATRIC utilizes power and versatility of smart devices with barcode scanner, photo capture and remote touchpad.

  • Community

    Visit our growing community gallery and you might find ready made deck for your favorite app or game. Show your creativity and share your creations with the community.

  • Integration API

    MATRIC can extend your desktop app to mobile screens. API is free to use, no fees no registration
    See our demo project on Github




Low level keyboard emulation, works in most apps and games


Record multiple keyboard actions into precisely timed macros


MATRIC supports OBS Studio from simple scene switching to full blown studio mode mix console


Create your own decks by using intuitive drag&drop editor


Snap a photo on the smartphone and MATRIC can send it to PC clipboard


Scan barcode or QR code using the smartphone and MATRIC will type it to your PC


Uses smartphone screen as multi touch touchpad for PC


Use MATRIC as virtual joystick with full support for buttons and axes


Embed another web application in MATRIC deck using the iframe


Trigger webhooks using http request action. Use MARIC to trigger IFTTT, Zapier or Microsoft Flow actions


Play an audio file on PC



Join our discord server for support


Frequently asked questions

Most common reason for this is Windows firewall on your PC preventing communication between MATRIC on smartphone and MATRIC on PC.
The first time MATRIC runs, you'll be presented with a dialog:

For most people clicking Alow access is the only thing that needs to be done, however there are special cases, for example:
You home network should be detected by Windows as "Private", however for some people it might be set up as "Public" in which case you need to allow MATRIC to communicate over the public network.

To check if your firewall is set up correctly:
1) Type firewall into start menu search and choose the "Allow an app through Windows firewall"

2) Click Change settings and find MATRIC in the list of applications, make sure the appropriate checkboxes are checked and click OK.

This error is caused by obsolete version of Android WebView system component which wasn't updated on your device.
The solution is to go to Google Play and update the Webview component, direct link to WebView on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.webview


You can integrate your app directly with MATRIC using Integration API. That means your app can control MATRIC, set button graphics, change pages/decks and modify button text. This enables a whole new level of interaction - for example you can have button states synchronized with in game state or even output data (e.g. health, ammo, etc).

API consists of simple JSON messages delivered by UDP, so any platform or language which can communicate by sending text over UDP network connection can be used. There are also a few wrapper implementations to make integration even easier.

Real world examples of MATRIC integration

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 by Kal

Stormworks by Kal

DCS World Ka-50 by AnarchyZG

Elite Dangerous - EliteFIPServer by Earthstorm Software



MATRIC Server for Windows™ 10 needs to be installed on PC you want to control with smartphone or tablet. It contains the editor, sample decks and hundreds of button templates to get you started.

Release 1.65.10

  • Fixed: Auto deck switcher bug (can not select target device)
  • Fixed: material icons not displayed on buttons
  • Added showcase deck to default install
  • Enhancement: Remember currently open page on client when reloading deck due to save on server
  • Enhancement: Added customCSS for iframe action, the idea is you can scale and style iframe for better fit on the deck
  • Change: Removed object-fit and object-position properties for iframe action as they didn't work as desired
  • Change: Sandbox attribute applied by default for iframe action. you have to explicitly allow scripts etc using sandbox attribute
You have to uninstall any version lower then 1.62 before installing

MATRIC Client for Android™ is the client app, it is installed on your smartphone or tablet and displays buttons which control applications on PC. Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

Public beta downloads

Public beta versions, if you want to try out the latest features and bugfixes

MATRIC Server Beta 1.65.13

  • Fixed: Integration API bug in GETCONNECTEDCLIENTS
  • Fixed: Integration API bug in SETBUTTONSVISUALSTATE
You have to uninstall any version lower then 1.62 before installing

MATRIC Client for Windows™ public beta

Minimum Windows 10 version supported 1809 (build 17763)

Known issues 1.0.32:

  • Missing manual (but it should be pretty straight forward anyway)
In general, you're not supposed to run Windows client on the same PC as MATRIC Server (obviously hotkeys and macros won't work as client itself will recieve them).
In some cases it makes sense - e.g. if you have a secondary touch screen to control OBS Studio


MATRIC Client for Android™ public beta